When Karakasa Music approves music for release, it is because we feel the quality of production / performance is outstanding and unique. When it comes time to release we choose digital for a bit-for-bit perfect quality release.

For purposes of high-fidelity & quality, we prefer our music be released with the following specs:
  • 24bit lossless audio (flac).
  • Same frequency range as the source stems.
  • Derived mp3s encoded with LAME v3.98.4
  • No clipping (audio peaking to 1.0 or above).
  • Lossless artwork (png or svg when appropriate) in source resolution.
Since we feel that distortion caused by the loudness wars is among the top technical issues facing digital audio today, it is important that our releases are mastered properly below the 1.0 peak with an appropriate range of dynamics. To maintain an even listening level all our music employs ReplayGain tags. A good audio player (such as our recommendation foobar2000) will recognize ReplayGain tags.

However altruistic we attempt to be, not all material will be of this technical quality. Regardless we attempt to provide the highest quality available to us for release.