Preparing Song Levels for Mastering

In order present your song with proper dynamic volume, it is important that the songs remain under the 1.00 peak.

For checking the peak of a song, download the free program foobar2000.

Checking the peak
-Open foobar2000 and add the music files via File->Open or drag+drop.
-Select/Highlight (inside foobar2000) all tracks you have just added.
-Right mouse click selected files -> Replay Gain -> "Scan per file track gain"

-Now you can see the track peak

If your song is above the 1.00 peak:
-DO NOT: Drop the wav/mp3/etc file into a Digital Audio Workstation program lower the volume, then rerender. This does NOT magically bring dynamics back to your track.
-DO THIS INSTEAD : Open the original project file in your Digital Audio Workstation program, lower the overall/master project volume.

GOAL: The goal is to have your track peak between .8 and .9. If you accomplish this, it is ready to be mastered.